Hello there,

Once again, I forgot about my blog what can I say, things got so busy the past three months.
Since that night at Stingaree I have been dating Cris

.I have been working two interior design jobs, one as a design assistant,  Monday and Wednesday in Redondo Beach, and as a junior designer on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday in West L.A. We have been moving in a new office space and I love my new desk :)


My roomate graduated with her Master and left us two weeks ago to go back to France. We spent the weekend before she left in Vegas with J. Had fun again with my little crew once again. It was the first time in a while we went out. I kinda stop going out so much to the clubs after I start dating Cris and J and S were getting sick of it anyway. But it was refreshing to go again. Fedde happened to DJ that night at XS Club so we got to see him again.


Pretty nice club. I tried to see if Mark would be in Vegas so we could all hang out together but he was on tour in Australia and going to Miami. Unfortunetely we didn't end up being able to talk to Fedde because they were so many people. J took off with some British guys and Me and S somehow ended up hanging out in Enrique Iglesias' Suite at the Encore hotel. One man working for him invited us after the clubs. Kinda random surprised, I guess it was a good fall back for not being able to meet Fedde. We didn't know what was more exciting, Enrique or the Suite. Because it was amazing. Here is a picture


And I'm having diner and about to take off downtown so here go will write later. Yes I am terrible at this once again.