Diary of a Stranger

Mardi 27 novembre 2012 à 6:20

How ironic.... Yesterday I took the resolution to get away from the celebrity crowd....But when you don't come to celebrities, they come to your work! 
And I can't even talk about it because I have a confidentiality agreement with the firm. I could get sued if I tell anyone, so I didn't even disclosed their identity to my best friend or my mum. All I can tell is that he is a famous actor. A good one too. But also intimidating. I was in the sample room when he walked in for the meeting, and didn't dare introducing myself once the meeting started and barely looked at him even though my desk was in the same room. I never knew it was him because the designers used another alias for the project (we usually put the client's last name). So I have been working on his house since I started working here, and had no clue until today. I got out to get my lunch while they were still in the meeting. I went down to the restaurant at the corner of the street to order some food. While I was waiting outside smoking a cigarette I saw him exiting. He looked around and saw me up the street and stared at me. He made me feel nervous so I turned my head away pretending not to see him. Then slowly got to his Porsche and drove away. 
I mean maybe it was wrong to not introduce myself, but I didn't want to seem like I was a fan or something, especially in front of my boss. And I took precautions to not even enter in contact with him since I seem to be a mess lately. I can't even tell again if I was attracted to him because of his charisma and acting skills or simply because of that odd stare. And I just checked online, he's 45....Yes no we will not be friends, 37 was already enough. '

Speaking of 37 years old, as soon as I got off from work Apl texted me asking me my plans tonight. His messages were spelled normally which I found odd considering the last text I got was "Why.Did u leave me j/k what.R.U.Diong.Later" (which in my mind sounds stupid and takes more time than just spelling it correctly). I think he got offended by my humor when I respond " you're texting like a normal person, is that really u". He wants to go drink at AV or Chacha not that I even know where those places are. I am still debating whether to go or not. Option n2 I could go to phoenix and J calls sam and i call A. Either way it's wrong again.

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