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Vendredi 16 novembre 2012 à 8:27

I found out I had gastritis again the day before as I got so sick. I don't know what started it again, it could have been anything really. Smoking, drinking, tomato, meat, stress, anything could be the cause of my gastritis. I was in pain all day at work the day before, trying to pretend I was okay. Out of all the week I could have been sick, I get sick on the week I am being tested to see if they want to hire me. How great. And that day I was really excited, Ryan was going to bring me to showrooms with him to shop for furniture for the projects. I went with him and the other designer Susie at the Pacific Design Center. The showrooms were beautiful. I was so amazed by all the furniture....but also by how expensive they were. Once we had to take a break and go to lunch, my stomach started hurting no no I thought, this is not the day, but I couldn't even walk. Ryan and Susie saw how bad I felt, and they decided to head back. Ryan told me to stay in the car, and got some medicine for me at the office, and told me to take the day off and to feel better. Can you ask for a better boss? I didn't want to leave told them I was fine, but I really wasn't that day so it was a good thing I went home. I cramped out for the rest of the day until I fell asleep. When I woke up I went to the nearest Urgent Care. I told the doctor what I knew I already have. He prescribed me some medicine but  healing the gastritis wasn't the real problem, but what caused it. Again I was told that it was really odd at my age to get it so often and something was wrong. He told me I either had a bacterial infection in my stomach or...a tumor... And in either case I had to take blood samples the following week to find out what it is. Well thanks doctor, for telling me I might have a tumor in the most calm way. Good thing I am not paranoid and it didn't worried me at all. But it made my mother so upset when I told her. The only reason I am so calm is because doctors here are always so dramatic. I was told when I was 15 I had tuberculosis, but they made a mistake, then I was told I had a tumor at my breast, before finding out it wasn't anything. So until I get the test results there is nothing to worry about because I was told too many time I might have a fatal disease and so far I am alive and well.
Pacific Design Center


We got tired of the bar and decided to go out to clubs this weekend, it's been a month. And we were tired of feeling old meeting older men all the time. At least at the club we would be in our age range. S, J and I decided to go to Blok. We've been there once before. Once again we wonder how we would get in. We waited behind a man on the guest list line. The bouncer turned him down. Then it was our turn, and he asked us if we were on the guest list. None of us dared answering, and all whispered no.. Well he said "you're on my guest list now". And we got in. So easy and quick in Hollywood. For the first time, we ran randomly into people we already knew. Thomas was there and invited us to his table, held by Kent. Once again, Kent didn't remember was the fourth time we met him... He might not drink but the drugs compensate way enough the alcohol he is not getting. We didn't meet anyone interesting that night, but it didn't matter, we just wanted to have fun and dance. And we did.


At the end of the night, we decided to go eat at Juicy Burger. This stupid Asian guy wouldn't stop talking to me in line. Yeah you guys are from London I can tell. Sounded so confident it made him look completely dumb. Can you not hear me speaking French to my roomate? I thought. People are really stupid sometimes. Then while we were trying to eat, the "Juice Burger Officer" wouldn't stop loudly barking order in the most abnoxious way. It's those kind of people who are such losers and have such an inferiority complex that they feel like they have to act like complete jerks at their mediocre job. 
He told me to "leave you tray where it's at" while I was going to throw the rest of the food in the trash and leaving the tray above it. Are you the one cleaning after it jackass? No the staff is so shut up about it I thought. I told him I was going to do throw it anyway and didn't need him to tell me what to do. Gosh some people are so irritating you wish you could just punch them. 


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