Diary of a Stranger

Samedi 2 février 2013 à 12:40

Well, yes I am really awful at keeping up with this blog. In fact the more things that happen, the less I write about it. Since I last posted I have met Cris whom I will talk about in a bit. I have been to Las Vegas with my entire family (direct) and my mum's relatives, a unique occasion considering my parents are divorced and don't live on the same continent, and my mother, brother, and I live respectively in North Carolina, Virginia, and California. Yes, I spent Christmas Eve being a sinner, gambling and drinking in the casino (Christmas is really just an excuse to get together, we're not religious). I came back to LA for New Year's Eve at Roxbury and turned out not to be a very good night. I then went back to Paris for three week to see my father, which was very a breather for me, and refreshing since I also got to see my friends whom I have dearly missed. I went to Madrid so I could finally see RH. We spent three days together and did not do anything until I kissed him when we were saying goobye. Why? Because we were both waiting for the other to send signals so we could make a move. Anyways, we realized we were pretty stupid afterwards and that was the last time we could see each other, so end of a love story that didn't really start. That's what happened when you don't see someone for three months, you don't know how to react when you see them again. It doesn't matter because I think he was hiding something from me, I think we was dating someone in Spain. Really stupid to lie about that, because I wouldn't have got mad considering we don't live in the same country.

But everything is okay because I met Cris.
Yes, I was in Paris when it snowed. 

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