Diary of a Stranger

Mardi 6 novembre 2012 à 5:49

I cleaned my room two days ago, looking for my voting card. Couple hours later, I found it. Wrong card, it's my North Carolina Voting card. For some reason, I thought my mum sent me my absentee ballot. I checked online and the deadline for the absentee ballot was at the beginning of October.... Failed. I will not vote once again.... Sorry Obama, I will be there in spirit. Damn, second time I miss voting. Every time I'm in the wrong country or the wrong state. Well, I moved to California for a reason, this state usually remains liberal no matter what. And if things get bad, I will just go back to Europe, thanks to dual citizenship. 
Bad citizen, I know. Truth is, I only started to really pay attention to the presidential campaign after the first debate. Because this campaign was charged in so much negative ads that I couldn't take it. Spending millions trashing each other. In my mind, they both lost their integrity. 

Cote Privee 
We met downtown with the Spanish crew. We went to Mas Malo, this Mexican restaurant that a friend recommended me. 
J, S, and I started off with drinks before they arrived. I ate a bit at home before coming there, so I could invest my money on Margaritas rather than food. 
S studied in Mexico, so her speaking Spanish came in handy. First time we meet them when they are all sober. After diner, we all went back to my apartment, except I, who was sleeping at a "friend". We talked a bit, and S and I set up the sofas and beds for them in the living room, as two of them were leaving at 5am to go to the airport. RH slept with me of course. We talked for a while, about everything, enough to realized we were quite different. I was suppose to meet him at the airport after lunch with his classmates. But in the morning, the plan changed. He told me he had to buy some duty free products for his sister and would probably not have time to meet with me. we have one hour left together. We walked down Melrose Ave so I could get my coffee and take a walk together before he leave. He was in such a rush that we only had time to go back and forth without having any time to seat and relax. 
After he left, I uploaded the picture we took together. When he got online, he asked me to take them down. So....are you ashamed of me?

Apparently it was all about the hand, he didn't want his family to think strange things...What do you mean strange? 
So I erased all of them. There, it's like I never existed I said. But he wanted me to put back the picture we took of the two of us this morning. I mean, for me, we look more like a couple on the second picture than we do on the first, since I am posing with two other guys, one also wrapped his hand around my leg. I got really frustrated. These pictures look compromising, but all the hundreds of pictures with him and other girls with your hands wrapped around them are not? Bullshit. I called him out on that, yes it finally came out. He looks like a player to me on all those pictures no matter how shy he pretend to be. I really tried not to think about it, because facebook is facebook, and is always misleading. Suddenly I felt stupid. I let my guard down and trusted someone. So I got cold on him. He said they were just friends, but I told him I didn't like people being ashamed of me. Then said: 
" I really have a good night with u, and a good morning...i'm sad of say good bye to you... I really want that u can visit me one day...I will miss you" 
I might be a bitch but I am unable to lie so my answer? " Are you at the airport?" Yes when I don't want to answer anything, I just talk about something else. I was trying to show that I wasn't mad, but I couldn't pretend that I missed him. I was angry and I just wanted to move on. Because this is how my mind process after my multiple awful experiences. I don't get angry or jealous for long, my feelings just turn off immediately and I get cold. And I move on to another guy. I mean come on, you might as well be honest now, you're leaving, you don't have to pretend you miss me. 
He wanted me to upload the picture of the two of us again, but I didn't. True, you made a good point, I don't want anyone thinking that I am seeing anyone when I am single and available. It's not like it was going anywhere anyway, so he shouldn't pretend to be sad. Why would I go visit Spain if a little picture of us is already making you uncomfortable. So what if we run into your family in Madrid? What would you say, should I hide somewhere? No I won't spend my money for you. If he had stayed here it wouldn't even have worked out, because I wouldn't be able to trust him. 
The only thing he left me with is his fever. 

End of the story. Let's move on. 

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