Diary of a Stranger

Samedi 6 juillet 2013 à 9:51

Social wise not much going on. I gave up my old lifestyle to be with my boyfriend and get myself together. No more ridiculous drinking, smoking and party at no time. No more access to famous Djs. I see A lister here and there at small clubs I sometime go such as Miley Cyrus, Lucy Hale, Sean Kingston, it's kind of whatever now, they're just people really. I saw Nero at Hyde though that was a really nice set. 
I ran into Apl at AV a few weeks back that was awkward. I know my life got a little boring after I decided to stop talking to him. He got to the MTV awards without me, got Joachim Garraud and Madeon at his house, got a table right next to Calvin Harris in Vegas... Oh well but my boyfriend is a good trade off. 
It's just that when someone bring up their name I reminisced and start missing these times. I had a table next to Nero two weeks ago, that was nice, good music. It's still good to have free table and drinks when I go out, but I get no direct contact with anyone it's not as it used to be. I see his friend with Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora, and Mark with Skrillex... 
I know I miss it, but I always remember when I was living that way, I was slowly getting sick of it, high drunk and party everynight, fake people... Gotta keep in mind that this isn't real. I still come out sometimes to see good Djs just like Nero., awesome set that night

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