Diary of a Stranger

Samedi 15 décembre 2012 à 12:54

 Maybe I should calm down on the nightlife. I have been out almost every night for the past two or three weeks, I am getting so tired and  not feeling so well. I think it's defined as unreasonable when the number of nights I go party outnumbered the number of nights I stay in. It's that much that I'm always behind in this diary.

Monday we decided to go out and not contact Apl or his friends and go to AV and just have a fun normal night out in the clubs. Turned out 5 minutes after we came in, Apl, Damien and Hope all walked in so we came to say hi. Apl invited us to his table. Turned out Damien was djing that night at the club. 
Once again, right after we just got seated all the girls came in to take a a picture with Apl. Great. Well M. showed up as well with one of his older friends from London. I didn't acted jealous but M knew. We still had a good time, Somehow doing something illegal openly in the club seemed to be perfectly acceptable in my mind. Apl's friend rolled up a joint and we started smoking, right in front of the security guard. It's surprising all the things you can do when you're hanging around with people who either have money or fame, or both. I got Apl to want me again. We all left to go to his house, and I was so high I had to leave my car once again and ride with them. What happened happened. And I can assure you that it will never happened again. I will he has some weird sexual habits that I won't disclosed that definitely turned me off.  He wanted me to sleep there but he can't sleep with the tv on. Again, constant stimulation in his life and not one minute of peace and quiet, even when he sleeps. J and I had to be at work in the morning (really, in a couple of hours) so I went back down with Apl while we waited for the taxi. I think what also bothers me is the fact that everyone knows what I've done when I come up and down the stairs with him. So much for being low key. Huge lack of privacy, everyone knows his whereabouts all the time. 
After that I decided to stop texting him and so did he. I know my reasons but will never be sure of his, They're leaving for their tour to Asia and he will be djing in Brazil for New Years and I will be gone for three weeks in January so this is the end of it really. Back to my normal life. 

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