Diary of a Stranger

Lundi 22 octobre 2012 à 13:24

 Today was my first day of work as a hostess in F.'s restaurant. I will be working there at night and weekend while applying for interior design jobs. Well, I walked into an unusual situation. Without our knowledge, a major film set was going on inside. They somewhat made a mess, filling up almost every part of the place. Half naked girls with weird make up everywhere, business men, crazy weird actors, about maybe 60 people squeezed into the place. Some horror movie apparently. Around 6 pm, they freed the bar/lounge side of the restaurant so we could still serve food. However, they took over the main entrance as well, and I ended up standing right outside the doors of the bar freezing the entire night (yes it is cold at night in L.A). Well, this place has so much potential such a beautiful restaurant. Except the kitchen, the staff area, and the food is a disaster as of now. F just came in as the restaurant manager and is gonna change everything. Half of the staff is awful so he's going to fire them. And F. is gonna introduce me to his interior design friends and we're gonna make a few design changes to the restaurant. 

I know my roomate hates him (considering he is her ex roomate and it didn't go well at all), and doesn't trust him, but so far he did kept his word and offer me a job. He also said he would take me out sometimes so I could meet more people, considering I don't have many friends in L.A and find me an interior design job. We'll see. I am still applying until then.  

Yesterday, my roomate brought her friend who is also the person training her at the hotel she is working at. She knows everyone in L.A and offer to go to this famous Japanese restaurant Katana, and introduce me to the owner/manager and ask them if he can hire me. Also my roomate gave me a list of all those nice restaurant in West Hollywood that I could call to see if they hire. So I have been debating whether or not to work at F's restaurant. Networking and money might be a little better in those other restaurant. But again, it's always talk and I needed something immediately since my mum is only going to pay for rent next month but not anything else, and F was the first one to proposed so I went along. 

Anyways, it was an okay day, the only fun part of the day was to see Troian Bellisario aka Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars, walking by, starring at me, then saying how she's never been inside and how cool the bar looks like, then kept walking with her friend. I never imagine her as a hipster it's funny. She looks so laid back and nice, not one of those snobby Hollywood actors. Last time, I saw BJ Novak jogging while walking to Runyon Canyon with J. It happens so often here, I'm still not used to this whole Hollywood thing.

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