Diary of a Stranger

Samedi 2 février 2013 à 13:27

No lies, he is the sweetest guy I have ever met. We've been talking and writing each other everyday since we met. He helped me planned an amazing birthday weekend for my best friend whom he met only one hour of his life. He got us, not a room, but a suite, at the Solomar Hotel, a very nice hotel in the Gas Lamp quarter in downtown San Diego. He refused us to drive, and drove all the way from San Diego to Los Angeles to pick my best friend, my roomate and I. Drove out another hour so that we could eat at this Vietnamese restaurant in OC I wanted to check out, then two more hours back to San Diego. He even cooked a Philipino dish for me, I was just kidding and I had no idea he would actually do it. He also bought me an electric cigarette because I told him I wanted to quit. The first ten minutes spending with him I was already moved by all the things he did for me. And it wasn't over, he even booked a table at Stingaree, the club across the hotel. The hotel and the table service, and the two bottles cost him at least a $1000. He hates clubbing but he wanted my best friend to have the best birthday and to make me happy that he got us in the most fancy club of san diego and even bought new shirt, shoes, and pants because he never dresses up. All this, for a girl that yes he talked everyday for a month, but only met before one night. And he didn't even kiss me that first night. No one has ever gone through all this trouble just to make me and my friends happy. I couldn't believe it. After the club closed (welcome to california where all the bars and clubs close at 2am...) we all went back to the suite to keep drinking. 

(I am passing out so I will finish this story later)

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