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Samedi 10 novembre 2012 à 11:53

 This week has been a good one. As everyone knows, Obama won, which I got to learn that night because we were hosting a democratic event in the dining room. Thanks to the east and west coast for saving the face of the USA. That same day I received an email from Ryan, the principal of the firm I interviewed at two weeks ago. The situation, was : I applied to a job to be an assistant designer. My resume got picked out of a hundreds for an interview along with 10 other people. Last weekend I finally got an answer. I didn't get the job. But he wrote me saying he really liked my work, experience and overall personality. But because they were remodeling so many homes they ultimately picked someone with direct construction experience but would keep my resume on file if any position comes and and fit me. So here it was, nothing better I could have done, I just graduated from school. So I replied stating that I understood and was also open for internship position if anything came up. He ask me to call him. And here it was, two days later, I started my internship. I would never imagine this would turn out this way. I sort of panicked the first day, not really knowing what to do. Here's what they gave me the first five minutes. An electrical plan.
But anyways at the end of the day everything was well I got more relaxed. However, being an intern, you have to prove that you are perfect. Therefore, I didn't leave even when Ryan offered me to leave at 5pm, and stayed working until they all leave, at 7pm... Damn that was a long day. 
Second day, things went well as well. I learnt the software for quoting orders and pricing really fast, I think Ryan was impressed. I also start ordering samples for the designers and driving to showrooms. At the end of the day , Ryan told me I was picking up really fast, and he would like me to come tomorrow (SATURDAY) to fully trained me on everything. Good news, that means I'm doing well. Bad news, it's the freaking weekend and I have to wake up in the morning to work for free T_T Oh well, I have to be the best if I want to get hired at the end of the month.... Anyways, at least I love working there, for once. The working environment is very friendly and collaborative, I like small firms, there is no feeling of hierarchy just like in Hong Kong. I get along with everyone and I hope to get hired here, even though I would have rather work for a commercial architecture firm rather than exclusively interior design. 

The other aspects of this week will come later... Sleep time until work tomorrow... 

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