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Lundi 12 novembre 2012 à 10:01 from my balcony 


And it was a beautiful day in West Hollywood once again. Although the temperature has dropped drastically the last couple of days. 
Last night after hanging out with K and her friend, J and I decided to go to Phoenix, then meet up with Sam at his house afterwards. What a surprise to realize how big it was. A four stories house just for him and his roomate. Modern, clean, beautiful fireplace, large kitchen with stainless steel appliance, a balcony overlooking the city... breathless. So big, that they each have their own floor, and the last one just for the guest. I knew J and Sam were interested in each other, and I was kinda expecting Sam to in exchange introduce me to his other friends. But what we thought was an after party was just him and his roomie. So while J and Sam were seating on one side of the couch flirting with each other, I ended up talking to his 31 years old roomate, hitting on me.

I came on to realizing a couple things this past week.

First, the dynamic of J and I's friendship is very particular. We feel attracted to the same guys, yet there was never any fight about jealousy between us. We could walk in a bar, and she could be talking about one guy in the entire crowd, and I would know who it is. Many times the guys we talk to would be hitting on both of us, but at the end of the night, if we see them leaning more towards one of us, then the other let go. Sometimes she wins, sometimes I do, it's always been about 50/50. And sometimes we both find someone in the same group, just like me and Rh, and her and Juan. I don't think I have that kind of relationship with any other friends, and this is what makes us best friends. So often I hear girls telling me she likes a guy who likes her back, but because her friend likes him then she can't be with him otherwise the friend would get mad. I mean, how ridiculous, it's like high school. Look at the big picture, why keep two people from having fun and being happy just because you like the same guy? Just accept the rejection and let them be and move on. We were both attracted to Sam, and that night she won, and it was perfectly fine. Real friends don't let guys come between their friendship. I am grateful for my friendship, and so glad I moved to L.A to maintain it. I don't know what I would do here without her. 

The second thing I realized was how old we're getting. At 22, the age difference doesn't seem to matter. Yesterday it was his 31 year old roomate hitting on me. Two days ago, we got hit on by lawyers probably around 35 years old, although they wouldn't tell us after we told them our ages.. The lawyer who was talking to J ended up asking me if I would like to go on a date with one of his friends, who is a Chef at the Bazaar, that 5 stars hotel in West Hollywood. My guess...around 30 again? And last Wednesday we hung out with this group of guys in the piano bar, the one I was talking to turned out to be 28, but the one talking to Jordan was 37. Weirdly, here the age difference doesn't seem choking to anyone most of the times. I guess once you finish college, we're all in the same pool. I realized even more today that I was finally becoming a real adult, once I noticed I didn't have enough clothes to wear at my job. I have a closet full of clothes, but none casual elegant. The hipsters years are done. I went shopping last week and today and slowly replacing everything in my closet. And what's even weirder is that I like it, to the point that I wear some of those garments to go to the bars. But when I look in the mirror, I realize how much older I look in these new clothes. How far I've come. I only graduated two months ago. What a drastic change, suddenly I had to become responsible for everything. The car changed at my name, the insurance, finding my own place, filling all the tax forms for job application as an independent, searching for a job, going for interviews, and soon to pay back my student loans. It's been crazy. I had a good time during my 4 years of college, and as nice as it was to not worry about money and being covered by my parents, I don't miss it. I like my new life. My parents are helping me out financially by helping me pay my rent as my pay at the restaurant only suffice to cover my bills and other expenses. But in six months, I am hoping to pay it all by myself, even if I have to have two jobs (or three like J). Twenty two and completely independent, that's the goal and I am slowly heading towards that direction. My parents are really proud of me, and it makes me happy too. 

And the third thing I realized was the lack of social boundaries. We meet lawyers, doctors, music producers, CEO's of some companies etc. All of them are extremely wealthy. But somehow we don't feel uncomfortable around them. Sam has been to my apartment once when A. came to see me. And after seeing his house yesterday, I am glad to see he was still talking to me and wanting to hang out after seeing how crappy and tiny my apartment looked next to his place. The lawyer from the other night wanted to introduce me to his Chef friend, even after knowing I was just an intern in a design firm. I feel like people are in some way, more down to earth than in Paris. Unlike here, I could feel the social gap when I attended the American University of Paris. I was going to school with the most wealthy people I ever met. Drivers, Ferarris, prada, channel clothes, jets, yacht, etc. I could never fit and never felt comfortable around them. Only with the least wealthy ones. But here it's different, they're more approachable and don't look down at you if you don't earn as much money as they do. Nobody is jealous of you or try to bring you down if you become successful. Most of the guys I meet understand that I worked a restaurant to earn money as a start, and doing unpaid internship before having a real job. They know I have to start at the bottom before becoming successful, and it's one of the aspect of L.A that I really appreciate.

So here it goes, the three reflections of the week. 

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