Diary of a Stranger

Dimanche 11 novembre 2012 à 1:35

Who cares about my personal life not being ideal, when my career is starting to take off? The only expression on my face at this moment in time, is a huge smile. I came this morning to work at the office with Ryan. As previously stated, he wanted me to come in for training. What a surprise when he told me that he was really impressed with how quickly I was learning the tasks in the firm, and him and everyone liked me and the energy I was expressing, and that I would be really good fit for the team. I then found out that the person who originally got my job two weeks earlier, had a one week trial with them, and it didn't work out well so they didn't hire him in the end. Which means there is an available position again in the firm. And he wants me to have it. So instead of being an unpaid intern for four weeks, he's giving me a one week trial and will hire me if I do as good of a job as I did the past two days. So to sum up, I would be getting the job that I didn't get when I first apply haha. And he pretty much insinuated that he is almost sure to hire me. Wow. I can't believe this could be happening so fast. I have only been in L.A for six weeks and I might be getting my first real job! And I really love the atmosphere of the office and how friendly they are. First real job, next to my place, and on top of that loving it? What else could I ask for? XD 

happy happy happy. 

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