Diary of a Stranger

Lundi 29 octobre 2012 à 4:22

 Crap, my friend just told me Apl was legally blind. He has a condition called nystagmus. 

I just thought he was on drugs that day because he was so touchy and took so much time putting his number in my phone. 
So I left him. Well now I feel really bad. The guy could barely see anything and I was laughing. I went on wikipedia after my friend told me that. Well, he confirmed it to people's magazine. I started reading about his life on there. His father abandoned him at birth, one of his brother was murdered, the other one killed himself. Now I bet no matter how rich, successful and internationally famous he is, won't replace all the pain inside. I wouldn't trade my life for his. I keep hearing the black eyed peas on the radio all the time, and think about that. 

And I just thought he was some stupid drug addict celebrity. Now I am more intrigued into knowing him outside of the clubs, as a friend. See who he really is. 
Maybe I should text him. See if he even remembers me. It's been a week and a half now. And I was such a bitch to him. Damn. Way to go C. 

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