Diary of a Stranger

Mercredi 28 novembre 2012 à 6:00 from the youtube video which I won't tell you about because
my diaryis still anonymous and save me the embarrassement 
Well that night was very odd. What's really funny is that I was wondering if I should contact A and I ended up running into him at Phoenix with J. N, Sam's roomate, was there and ask him to join him at his table outside, and here he was. He acted so awkwardly and left a few minutes after we sat. 
Allright I guess, I know we haven't called each other since he hooked up at my house, but don't have to act so weird about it. While we were hanging out with the group, apl texted me to go to the bowling alley in Hollywood. Since things were so awkward with the rest of the group, we decided to head for Hollywood and meet him and his friends. Again he was with Damien/Ammo, Half Sheen and Hope, whom I met at the after party last time. He got us shoes so we could play bowling at the same time as getting us drinks and shots. I was really surprised, I never thought he would invite me bowling I expected him to invite me to some fancy bar or some club. That was a nice change from what I have been doing lately and we really had fun. It was nice to have a low key night, although people would stare at us and some would come up to our lane to talk to Apl. I didn't want Apl to think of me as a gold digger so I went to the bar to get some drinks with J and pay for it. The waitress kept insisting on putting the drinks on his tab. The worst is that he didn't even notice that I did it. It was so expensive for us. When our game was done, they decided to take us to a club nearby.
What was originally a low key night turned into a paparazzi night. Two paparazzi with their camera were waiting in front of the clubs, and start harassing Apl when we got in. We had a VIP treatment and went right in front of the lane, got a table and waitress start pouring us drinks. It was somewhat awkward everyone was staring at us, and I guess the manager of the club kept sending those blond stripper/hookers to talk to Apl. Then all the girls were throwing himself at him while I stayed at a distance and drink. I didn't want to be a part of it. He tried to kiss me all night and I rejected him. But for some reason seeing all those fake girls all over him made me angry. I was still in my work clothes, barely any make up, didn't know I was going to end up at a club. I don't know why, maybe out of pride, but I ended up kissing him. To prove a point that I don't have to be fake to please? I don't really know. 
When we got out of the clubs, the paparazzi were still waiting outside and start harrassing us again. Two people with bundle of roses were trying to sell them to Apl. I got scared and stand in the back with J while he was exposed to all the cameras . In front of all the paparazzi he bought $200 of roses, and gave them to me. I was a little drunk and felt really awkward. I was talking to J and out of nowhere I ended up with a 100 roses in my hands. I never got roses from any guys, and here for my first time, I have more than I can handle, with cameras all over me. I was like "what is that? No I don't want it" and tried to give it back to the lady who sold it to him. By that time Hope had got the car back from the Valet and we all hoped in the car.... Me and J threw all the roses in the back of the car... The next day Jordan told one of her friend, who found a video of us on Gettys. Later on I found one on youtube. Wow how embarassing to watch myself on video, I was so confused and sounded like a kid and I had no idea they zoomed on my face they were all over Apl not me. I could see myself heading for the car, acting like I was so used to it... Really, I was just drunk. 

What a night again. 

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