Diary of a Stranger

Mardi 30 octobre 2012 à 8:54

The Spanish boys just left the Grand Canyon this morning to go to Las Vegas. Tonight they're heading to the XS club to see Afrojack djing. Well I hope nothing bad happens to them, my cousin went up there last weekend and almost got stabbed getting in fight with some guy(well he did end up with a few cuts). Anyways, my spanish one, RH, sends me messages on whatsapp everytime he gets wifi. Cute. His English level is not really good, which makes his texts even cuter. On top of the little nerdy things he has about him. Just the facts that he doesn't drink, do drugs, or smoke, and eat healthy...all of this is just so unusual in comparison to all the guy I usually go for. It almost makes me feel bad about myself. "Hey I got drunk a couple times I wish I would forget, then I was high two days before I met you, and I smoke a pack a day, and I like junk food, and I slept with a guy two days before I met you" I am like the perfect match for you! *sarcasm* 
I like him, he's the opposite of A, and a breeze of fresh air compare to all those LA rich jerks. 
He wants me to visit him in Spain. Well if I had money, or time, I would probably go to HK first, or France, before going to Spain. 

I don't know I'm just really confused on how I feel. I usually don't get jealous. But Vegas has the best clubs, the best music and the hottest girls, I mean the perfect place to party all night and bring someone home. I told him "have fun" when he was heading out for XS.Damn I hope he doesn't have too much fun!
We're suppose to eat diner together Sunday and hang out on Monday until he goes to the airport and I don't want those plans to change. That sounds like the same ending as HK. Finding a good guy and leaving him behind, or him leaving you. That happened to me so many times. Leaving those unfinished stories, never knowing how it would turn out if we had stayed in the same city. Reminds me the way I left Rp. Those situations always end up messing with your head. I always asked myself how things would have turned out if I had stayed in HK, would I still be with him or would he have gone for the Elite eastern european model anyway? If I had come back would we have gotten back together? Unfortunately those questions will be left unanswered. 
Hong Kong is too far, and so is Spain. So next week, we'll be back to zero, and start over again.

At least, it's good to know that I am not as cold hearted as I thought. I still have a soul, I can still feel ha.
A picture I took on the hiking trails. View of L.A from Runyon Canyons. 

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