Diary of a Stranger

Jeudi 25 octobre 2012 à 23:48

I kinda oversleep on purpose yesterday, and miss my lunch with my manager. I oversleep so much that I got there 15 min late. Turning down a date and coming late, he's really gonna fire me. I guess I wanted him to. He was more mean and calling me out on everything that I wasn't doing correctly. I guess I should have gone to that lunch.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping I get the assistant designer job with that small firm two blocks away from my place.
There was 8 of us being interviewed last saturday 30min each back to back. One guy before me, one guy after me, all looking professional. I bet I was the youngest, fresh out of school. I need that job so badly, my roomate said she would be glad to be the first one to announce to my manager I am quitting if I get the job. I can't take it anymore. I mean that two hours meeting was so pointless, because they're multiple events all week all over again. And again, they are all about making money so they refused to close dining to customer. So tonight is gonna be a mess.

Last night I went out with my roomate. Got diner at the mexican restaurant nearby and split a pitcher of frozen margaritas.
I texted hope and she texted B and R. Well we all met them at Hyde eventually. First time I have trouble getting in a club, and it happens to be a cold windy night. I was so upset I forgot how it was like to be treated like shit by the bouncers and all the people working at the door. R told us Kent was in there, his friend who had a table last week, and he would take care of us.
Hope and his friends came by without Apl, of course as he is out of town.
What a shit night, we didn't even know who to talk to.
B eventually got the manager to get him in, and got us in as well. We left hope outside. Oh well, sorry but none of you are really my friends, and I'm cold.
So I went in. They ended up going to Supper Club instead.

Well, first of all, I hate this club, it's so small and it was completely packed. I couldn't believe I waited in line for that. I didn't even like the music.
.And we saw Kent he didn't even recognize us. I swear that guy is probably so drugged up/high/drunk and party every night that he can't recall anyone he meets. Got drinks ourselves, then B somehow got those guys from another table to get us more drinks. 
I don't even think I can drink anymore grey goose vodka it's starting to make me nauseous. But I was so bored, and it was already too late to go to another club so I kept drinking.
I was getting so bored, didn't see anyone I wanted to talk to, while my roomate was busy talking with B.
I swear I don't even care and don't take down anyone's number. She got lucky she' the only one who takes number worth calling.
What am i gonna do, text Apl? Nah
So who did I drunk text out of misery last night? A. Oh yes the first guy I met when I went out in Hollywood when I came to visit J. and met him in front of Supper club. Also the first guy I slept with in L.A.  I told him pretty much to fuck off two weeks ago because he kept saying we would see each other then blew me off or ignore my text. Well I guess I lose all dignity when I am not sober.

But I still think that frenchy is the most interesting guy I met so far no matter how much of a jerk he is. And he's attractive. I texted him asking him to set up a place and time and show up.And that he could come to my place if he doesn't ditch me. Well he answered my text in the morning. Said 9 tonight at my place. Except I am working all night for those events. So 11pm at my place...Hopefully i'll make it on time I feel like he's gonna get there before I do. Which suck I wish I had couple glass of wine before he shows up. And I havent't figure out how to handle this with my roomate being here.

Let's see what happens tonight...

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