Diary of a Stranger

Lundi 29 octobre 2012 à 3:45

 I don't even know where to start... This is what happened when I don't write everyday. 

Last Thursday was an awful day at work once again. There was some typos and mispelling on the take out menu I designed, and nobody checked behind me before printing a 1000 copies of it. Well, half of the mistakes were mine, but also half of them came from the menu I copy paste from an email that was written by the Chef. I was so mad to take the blame for all of it, I wanted to quit. Anyway I am an underpaid graphic designer right now so that money lost was well worth the money I should have been paid. I had to go back to West Hollywood to go get my computer at home then back to Silverlake right in rush hours. God I hate driving in Los Angeles. On top of that, one of the cooks of the restaurant got my number from the office or somewhere, and won't stop texting me. It's like being harassed from all sides, I ignored him all day. Anyways, I was about to cry I was so mad at him, at my manager, and at the owners. Don't treat me like I'm dumb when I got a college degree, get recommended by teacher who have their phd from MIT , and friends at harvard. I swear it pisses me off when they feel superior to you.
But I calmed down, thinking I would see A. right when I get off work and I didn't want to look all upset when he comes. 

I got off work, and A texted me. He lives literally three blocks away from my place. So by the time I got here, I only got 10 min for myself before he arrived at the apartment. I was surprised he actually showed up. My roomate told me she would stay in her bedroom so we could spend some time alone with him. But I wanted to introduce her to him. Well he asked her to come join us. So we all hung out and he rolled up some joints we all shared. Who would say no to getting high on california good quality grass. I have no idea why he was so obsess with the idea of finding a guy for my roomate. "Moi j'ai ma copine la avec moi, faut que je te trouves un copain". So he brought this guy that looks like Michael Vendetta. Definitely not her type. She spoke to him on the phone told him not to come, and he still showed ha. On the reason that he wanted to have fun with me (=sleeping with me) while he distract her. Well, she was in her bedroom and you called her to come hang out with us, it would have been simpler to just let her stay in her room. Anyways she was texting R this entire time. He was arguing with her that girl were too complicated "oh les filles veulent toujours se faire desirer, tu reflechis, trop, tu vois avec moi et C (me) on a pas d'ambiguite" Well yeah you just straight up said I was your booty call thanks. Later, when I went to the bathroom and came out he wasn't with them. I asked them where he was, he was in my bedroom. I came he was just laying in my bed. I guess it's pretty straightforward. We just had sex, and when we were done, he just dressed up and we came back to the living room. So romantic. He didn't even spend the night, they both left 10 min later. 
That's when I realized he was obviously not gonna be any boyfriend material ever and not as interesting as I thought. That day I just classified him in my "friends with benefits" category. The guy you can hang out with and sleep with when in need but not anything else. Not that I even cared that's fine. I rather have a friends with benefits than multiple one night stand. And now I don't obsess and think about him so much. 
Anyways, he told us about some Rave Party at USC at the beginning of November. I might come out sounds like fun. 

Back to work once again. Nothing special really. I opened up to the other hostess about my personal life and so did she. Our lives are completely different she has been in a relationship for 5 years... I just had an unstable life for five years and multiple failure at relationship ha. The lesbian promoter got involved in our conversation as well, giving me tips on how to control my booty call. Wow haha. Sucks she start talking about it when the cute DJ of the event that night was right next to us. He stopped looking at me after hearing all of it. Oh well. 
As much as I hate half of the staff and the crazy disorganization, I start to appreciate some of the people I work with. The other hostess is nice. And so are the bartenders. Malcolm, the new bartender, got a few hours off before working for the event. I was starving as always because I couldn't get off before 11pm. He asked me what I wanted for diner. He came back with the food I asked. I was so happy and gave out a huge smile. I asked him how much money I owed him, and he kindly responded "With that smile, you don't owe me anything" and just hand me the food. Some people are genuinely nice. 

Malcolm was there with the other new bartender. I was talking to F next to the bar and Malcolm served me a coke, just like yesterday. F gave me a weird comment in french in front of them "Oh I see you got your ways with the bartenders, they're doing everything for you" Jealous much?! 
Malcolm was done with his shift and left. The other bartender (whom i forgot the name) came to talk to me and was really nice too. 
The friendly staff makes my day a little easier. The suck part is that I was the only hostess on a Saturday night. The other one ditched me, probably so she can go to the Halloween parties while I work... 
Some rnb/rap party was taking place that night at our restaurant/lounge around 10pm. I swear Halloween is just an excuse to look like a slut for girls. 
But good thing I get along with everyone, so the two girls selling the tickets and couples guys working at the events were nice with me. Nobody hates asian really. It's always a problem between black/white. 

By the time I got home I didn't come out to Hollywood until midnight. Pretty much the end of the night since everything close at 2am. Everything was too packed or had a cover charge, so we gave up and start walking to bars. On the street, we met this group of Spanish guys, who asked up where they could go etc. So we told them they could come with us, that we were just heading to bars.
I started talking to one of them, pretty cute, nice, and also they one who spoke English the best. He had been in L.A for a month, studying English and his friends were visiting him. An electrical engineer. Too bad they were leaving the next day on a roadtrip, then going back to Spain.

I invited them to my place with J after the bar closed. This night turned out unexpected once again. J liked one of them, and I was with another one. The two other guys left were so drunk they ended up passing out on my couches. I didn't know what to do I start opening up one of the sofa so they could sleep. I didn't expect them to spend the night. Eventually they all fell asleep and me and my guy remained awake on one of the couch and started kissing. I was tired so we just slept on my bed. Well had sex eventually. But unlike A., he was more cute about it. The only difference is that I guess he was so nervous that it wasn't that great. But he was cute about it let me sleep against him afterwards. Three hours later he had to wake up and drive to the Grand Canyon. Harsh. He got dressed very quickly and kissed me good morning and went in the living room to wake up his friends. I came out afterwards. He kissed me again in front of his friends. Cute. I came down with them to take back the parking guest permit, and he walked the whole way with me his arms wrapped around me while the others were following behind us. 

They are coming back next Sunday. J and I talked with them already about a diner on their last night Sunday, after they are done watching the Lakers Games and leave the next morning back to Spain. Of course when I meet a nice guy he has to leave. It was a fun night though I don't regret anything. Although I did sleep with two different guys in three days.

Yes I was a bunny for Halloween, just because I only had an hour to shop and no money. What can I say. Me and the cute Spanish boy. 
Haha and yes my face will remain anonymous, just like my name. 

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